Monday, 9 March, 2009

Lest We Forget - Moplah Murders

This is about the Moplah revolt against the British in 1921, in Kerala, where more than one lakh (100, 000 ) Hindus were murdered, women raped and temples broken.

I am repeating verbatim from a letter......

Excerpts from a heart-rending petition to Lady Reading, the wife of the then Viceroy of India from Rani of Nilambur

'We, the Hindu women of Malabar of varying ranks and stations in life who have recently been overwhelmed by the tremendous catastrophe known as the Moplah rebellion, take the liberty to supplicate your Ladyship for sympathy and succour.'

Your Ladyship is doubtless aware that though our unhappy district has witnessed many Moplah outbreaks in the course of the last 100 years, the present rebellion is unexampled in its magnitude as well as unprecedented in its ferocity.

But it is possible that your Ladyship is not fully appraised of all the horrors and atrocities perpetrated by the fiendish rebels -

of the many wells and tanks filled up with the mutilated, but often only half dead bodies of our nearest and dearest ones who refused to abandon the faith of our fathers;

of pregnant women cut to pieces and left on the roadsides and in the jungles, with the unborn babies protruding from the mangled corpses;

of our innocent and helpless children torn from our arms and done to death before our eyes and of our husbands and fathers tortured, flayed and burnt alive;

of our helpless sisters forcibly carried away from the midst of kith and kin and subjected to every shame and outrage which the vile and brutal imagination of these inhuman hellhounds could conceive of;

of thousands of our homesteads reduced to circular mounds out of sheer savagery in a wanton spirit of destruction;

of our places of worship desecrated and destroyed and of the images of the deity shamefully insulted by putting the entrails of slaughtered cows where flower garlands used to lie, or else smashed to pieces;

of the wholesale looting of hard earned wealth of generations reducing many who were formerly rich and prosperous to publicly beg for a pie or two in the streets of Calicut, to buy salt or betal leaf -rice being mercifully provided by the various relief agencies of Government.

Why is this relevant in 2009 ?

Because Jehadi elements from Kerela were key SIMI operatives in various bomb blasts during 2007 and 2008.

Because Kerala is increasingly the new terror hub and supplier of Islamic Jehadis and Christian missionaries.

Because only in Kerala is it possible that Congress (I) and CPM joined hands to get the Kerala assembly to pass resolution demanding release of Islamic Jehadi terrorist Abdul Naseer Madani.

Because more and more Kerala Muslims are being found involved in areas like Kashmir - killing Indian forces while fighting for their Muslim brothers.

Because the Kerala govt and heavily CPM infiltrated police is busy killing RSS cadre instead of probing the terror links.

Lest We Forget - The Jehadi elements were there in Kerala - killing Hindus 200 years ago and they still exist.

You might be a peace loving liberal thinker, but you and your children will get killed for the crime of being a Hindu.

Action Points:

a) Pray. Include in your daily prayer, prayer to the Lord to give Hindus in Kerala strength to fight back Leftist/Jehadi/Evangelist goons.

b) Contact for


  1. Very well researched and informative article.

    Lets hope that a strong alternative to Congress and Communists emerges in Kerala and this menace is stopped before it becomes bigger.

  2. Thanks for the response.

    As long as we Hindus are divided, hope is futile. 56% Hindus are being ill treated by the rest.

    I see the only way is to fight back. For us, non participants sitting in cozy offices in Delhi, this means supporting the RSS cadre being killed by Jehadi/Leftist/Evangelist combine.

    We can raise money, provide jobs to the kin of the affected, provide legal support and like.

    Interested people can contact me for taking this up and putting in touch with right people in Kerala.