Friday, 4 September, 2009

How more than 4, 000 Hindu girls have been abducted by Muslim boys as part of ISI Jehadi strategy

Balbir Punj
This story first appeared at the Indian Express and was written by Balbir K Punj.

The allegation that Muslim ‘boys’ entice Hindu girls into marriage for reasons other than love, and as a part of an Islamic conspiracy, is usually dismissed as a part of insidious Sangh Parivar communal propaganda. But a recent chance investigation by Kerala Police has brought out the ugly details of this sickening stratagem.

The August 31 issue of a Malayalam newspaper Malayala Manorama, carried an extensive report on how a Pakistan-based terrorist organisation is planning, abetting and financing the enticing of college girls from different communities to become cannon fodder for its programmes in India. The report terms such girls ‘Love Bombs’.

The modus operandi is clever. Muslim boys in Kerala are employed by the terror organisations to entice college girls. Handsome and dashing boys are selected and financed to have cars, motorbikes, most expensive clothing and a lot of cash. Their job is to move in groups, select their prey and then entice it to elope with them on the promise of marriage and a great life abroad.After days of pretended love making, the girls easily begin to believe that they have got their ‘Prince Charming’. Once they elope, a marriage is registered before a notary and then the girl is whisked from place to place. The victim begins to believe that she has to undergo this to evade her parents who would be searching for her. Hideouts include places that have a heavy Muslim concentration. No outside contact is allowed to the victim. All the time she is subject to propaganda videos that eulogise terrorism, jihad and the ultimate victory of the religion.

Though the racket had been going on for quite some years and several complaints of missing girls were lodged with Kerala Police, the latter ignored it saying that the girls had eloped and they could not do anything.The racket came to light only when one of the victims happened to be the daughter of a ranking police officer and another somehow managed to send word to her parents about the reality of her situation. The parent in the second case approached the high court with a habeas corpus petition and the court ordered the police to produce the victim in court. The plea that the girl had eloped on her own and that she was now legally married did not convince the court and it ordered that the girl be allowed to stay with her parents for a week before it again examined the situation. After a week with her parents, the girl told the court the truth.

Now the Kerala police have hit pay dirt and found that a kidnap gang has been at work for getting recruits to Pakistani terror outfits. Investigations show that all over India some 4,000 girls have been recruited as potential terror hands and suicide bombers in this manner (against their will). In Kerala alone police suspect that over 500 have become victims.

The full modus operandi is available in the statement that a Thiruvananthapuram victim gave before Justice R Basant of the High Court of Kerala. It reveals how in Kerala these gangs have been freely going about their job without the police or intelligence agencies getting even a sniff of it.

If the jihadi outfits in Pakistan could abduct and train as many as 4,000 Indian girls over the last several years, it speaks poorly of our intelligence apparatus. Perhaps it is not fair to blame the police and intelligence. The prevailing political environment that treats the perpetrators of violent jihad with kid gloves is the real culprit.

A report from Hyderabad in the Indian Express on August 28 says that Mujeeb Ahmed, sentenced to life in 1994 for intending to wage war against the country and shooting an ASP was released under a special remission scheme in 2004. Mujeeb went underground. He became an active member of the Hizbul-Mujahideen and ISI and was part of the first terror cell in Andhra Pradesh, according to the IB and CID dossier on him.

It was the Rajasthan Police’s finding of rifles, detonators and explosive material in a truck in Ajmer that finally led the trail to this activist. He was charged for procuring arms from Pakistan to launch terror attacks in Hyderabad. The Hyderabad court has now convicted this jihadi for sedition. Though this man went back to terror after his first release on compassionate grounds, the Andhra Pradesh government is planning to release some 984 life convicts, many of whom are in for similar crimes.

The Indian Express report quotes police officers as saying that the state government has neither consulted the IB nor the police before the release list was drawn up. ‘Like in the case of Mujeeb a person arrested a decade back while trying to launch a terror attack will go back to crime once released. It is fortunate that he was arrested before he could strike’ a second time, says the report.

How the jihadi cancer is eating into the vitals of the country is now becoming evident day-by-day. The central government makes all the correct noises in unearthing the cancer but when it comes to deterrent action, it backs out.

We should watch for the Centre’s reaction to the exposure of abduction of thousands of girls for terror training. And where are all the ‘women’s rights activists’ who painted the entire country red following the attack on a pub in Mangalore by the self-styled Ram Sene? Of course, through this exposure Malayala Manorama has done a great national service as a newspaper.

Where are the Teesta Setalvads and Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtars now ? Or is it that Hindu girls have no human rights.
Jai Ho, Jai Ho Sonia Maiyya ki, Jai Ho Rahul Bhaiyya ki

Wednesday, 2 September, 2009

How Congress boot lickers organise blood donation camps on Rajiv Gandhi's birthday

A Congress MLA in Rajasthan has landed himself in trouble for bringing 20 minors to donate blood at a camp in Chomu town, 35 km from here, on August 20.

A court in Chomu has ordered the police to register a first information report against local MLA Bhagwan Saini, doctors and technicians for letting the children below 18 donate blood at a camp organised on the occasion of Rajiv Gandhi’s birth anniversary that day.

Children below 18 are not permitted to donate blood but the MLA allegedly forged documents to show that the children were not minors.

Among those accused is the principal of the school where the blood donation camp was held.

Ajay Kumar Jain, petitioner’s counsel, said, “We argued for imposition of charges under sections pertaining to committing forgery to prepare the documents for blood donation. The documents had wrong entries related to age of the minors.”

The charges against the MLA and others include committing cruelty on minor children by tricking them into donating blood, Jain said.

Jaipur District Collector Kuldeep Ranka said on Tuesday after receiving an inquiry report, “Of the 27 school children who donated blood at the camp, about 20 were minors.” He said this was established after checking the records at the schools where the children were studying.

Child rights activists expressed satisfaction over the court’s decision. Govind Beniwal of Rajasthan Labour Watch said, “The Child Welfare Committee of the district should now swing into action and see if the victims need counseling.”

Paedophile Anand Jon and the Indian Government Support to Rapists

If you have ever wondered where the anti Hindu government of Sonia Maino is spending the tax revenues, look no further.

Indian "fashion designer" Anand Jon has a long track record of raping girls, some as young as 14 years of age.

Look at the following articles to see how he was charged for sex crimes as back as in 2003, and was asked to undergo therapy.



Anand Jon faces Rape charges


The US legal system eventually caught up with him and he was handed a sentence of 59 years in prison.


which naturally upset the designer community rallying behind the child abuser.

Designers upset with Anand Jon verdict

However, it is not that the Anand Jon got punished without the Christian run govt. of Sonia Maino Gandhi making efforts to save him. Indian Consul in New York put in serious efforts to bail out Anand.

His sister met the following (in order of significance) :
a) Sonia Maino
b) Rahul Gandhi
c) Pranab Mukherjee,
d) Vayalar Ravi (his wife is Christian, was the Minister for Overseas Indian affairs)

In case you find it difficult to believe that the UPA govt. run by highly educated MM Singh would take up case of a serial rapist with a 6 year molestation track record, please read this by Sanjana Jon, sister of Anand Jon where she claimes following.

"I had met Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Pranab Mukherjee and they had approached the then Ambassador to India but that was all. Will I need to be a Khan or a superstar to get justice?" Sanjana said.
Because of the Indian Embassy's support and the Indian govt. putting efforts, 30 cases were dropped against Anand Jon. The ministry duly took credit.

YES, The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs of the UPA government, funded by tax revenues from tax payers like you and me, defended a Child Rapist.

30-charges-dropped-against-designer-anand-jon, Ministry takes credit

And look at all the efforts that the Christian Sonia Maino's Indian government made. These are from the horse's mouth - posted on the blog, "We support Anand Jon" (I have taken prints in case the page is later removed). The original report is from Khaleej Times which I reproduce here in toto.

Indian support for beleaguered celebrity designer in US
By Ravi S. Jha (Our correspondent)

29 November 2007
NEW DELHI — India is petitioning for the release of Indian celebrity designer Anand Jon Abraham from Los Angeles prison, where he is booked for 36-counts of rape, molestation and sexual battery.

New Delhi has taken an exceptional move to come out in support of Jon despite the growing number of charges against Jon.

India’s reaction has come at a time when Minister for Overseas Indian Affairs and senior Congress leader Vayalar Ravi has indicated that Jon could be the ‘victim of racial discrimination’ in the US. If Ravi is to be believed then India is aiming to get Jon out of prison by using diplomatic channels, but so far without success.

It may not be easy to get the 33-year-old model out of prison, as India’s Ministry of External Affairs is cautious not to take up the issue with the US because it is purely an internal judicial matter. But Ravi has officially asked the Indian Ambassador in US, Ronen Sen, for Jon’s release.

Officials admitted on Tuesday that the minister has even written to Indian consul generals in New York and San Francisco to look into the case, and help Jon in any need. There are reports of Ravi also extending help to Jon’s family — mother Shashi Abraham and sister Sanjana Jon.

The minister has attempted to whip up support from the strong non-resident Indian community in the US seeking Jon’s release, though not many have come out to back Jon considering the seriousness of the ‘criminal charges’ against him that even includes a child abuse case.

Top officials in the Ministry of External Affairs here are tightlipped over remarks made by Ravi in support of Jon. Ravi has been quoted as saying: “I have told (Ronen) Sen to do all he can to help them (Jon’s family). I’m glad that consul general in San Francisco B.S. Prakash was very helpful.

He sent two officers to meet Jon in prison, and said they would give him all support from the Indian side. The Indian offices will also report to us about what is being done for him. After all, he holds an Indian passport and was doing very well in the US. I won’t be surprised if there was some competition (from Americans),” Ravi said.

The statement is significant considering that Ravi is handling overseas affairs portfolio in Dr Manmohan Singh-led government. His remarks that Jon is a victim of ‘minority discrimination and personal envy’ in the US could be seen as interfering with US’ judicial process, said foreign policy observers.

The charge-sheet against Jon speaks volume of his alleged involvement in various crimes, mostly sexual, against women. Ravi has expressed disbelief about the legitimacy of such charges. He said: “I have heard the case and details of the charge-sheet, and got a feeling that there was something odd.”

So what makes Ravi speak so assertively? Ravi is an old friend of Jon’s aunt Prabha Yesudas — wife of noted playback singer Yesudas. The singer is brother-in-law of Jon’s mother Shashi, who is said to have approached him to rescue Jon. Ravi did exactly the same by using his official chair to drum up support for Jon.

Senior officials from ministry for external affairs told this correspondent that it is too early to comment whether Jon is a victim. “The US legal system is quite fair in cases of minority discrimination, if any. The case is being observed, and if there is any evidence of racial discrimination, we will take it up with the US,” said officials.

Though Jon’s claim to fame has been to dress up model Paris Hilton and the likes from Los Angeles’ tinsel crowd, Ravi taking up the matter when Indo-US camaraderie has attained new heights has all possibility of going wrong. The US is unlikely drop charges against Jon merely on India’s pressure.

Consider the case of Indian dock workers in Missisippi treated like slaves, whose case was NOT taken up by the Christist Sonia Maino government. They eventually moved UN. They were mere Hindu / Sikhs. Why should Sonia bother.

Vayalar Ravi takes up Anand Jon's case but not of Mississippi Indian workers treated as slaves

So now you know what matters in India.

a) You need to be a Christian
b) Being a Serial Child Rapist helps
c) By meeting above conditions a) and b), it is possible to meet Sonia Maino, her son Raul Gandhi, Pranab Mukherjee etc. And get Indian Consuls to go and meet child rapist in jail. and take up your case

Try doing that other wise.

Jai Ho !! Sonia Rani ki Jai Ho !! Yuvaraj Rahul ki Jai Ho !!