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Please Read This Before Reading Other Posts

I am no wannabe Politician

I want to make this very clear that the thoughts presented here are mine and mine alone.

While I do subscribe to many thoughts and ideas that various social and political organizations like RSS or BJP or others might suggest, I also disagree with many of their ideas and policies.

I am NOT an office bearer / or hold any position in any social / political organization. My ideas DO NOT represent the official belief / line of either BJP or the RSS (although there might be accidental concurrence).

If you disagree with any of the ideas presented here or the way they have been represented, I alone am responsible for that.

Accuracy of Data / Information presented here:

I am a huge stickler for accuracy of data. My goal is to build credibility, that takes time. I do not intend to ruin it by making casual statements.

If errors creep in, as sometimes they will, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I will be very prompt and transparent in OWNING IT UP AND CLEANING IT UP.

If you find factual inaccuracy in any of the statements made here, PLEASE REPORT IMMEDIATELY.

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Religion and other Sensitive Stuff

I believe that in a liberal, civil society, Religion should be irrelevant. When I hire a guy, I do not care what his favorite icecream flavour is. It is irrelevant. Similarly, one's belief system is a matter of personal choice, or atleast should be, in an ideal world.

The only reason that it is relevant and is discussed here, in this blog, is written below (and you can't even imagine how much of damage "हिंदू मुस्लिम सिख इसाई - हम सब एक हैं" - type of stuff has done - Hindu kids get totally misplaced ideas about how they are thought of as by the others.):

There are belief systems - and all Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) are part of that - that believe that existence of a differing thought / belief is not allowed. Now this is not an opinion, this is a core element of the practised religion for these faiths.

The problem is that such a belief system affects my life and existence.

If you believe that I am a Kaafir / Heathen / non believer, I can still live with it. However, If you believe that non believers have no right to exist and it is your sacred duty to ensure that, SORRY SIR, I am forced to fight back and enter a war that has been imposed on me.

At all times I realize and recognize that there are all kinds of people in any belief system / organization.

Just like there are Jehadi elements, there are moderate / liberal Muslims and I am privileged to know and work with number of them.Yes, I realise that there are people who worship Gods different from mine, and DO NOT believe that they need to adhere to the ideas about wiping out Kaafirs / Heathens like me.

So, if you are one of those and feel that I have gone overboard someplace in the language I used or otherwise, please mail me at

I intend to be a space for informed, rational, thoughtful, fact based discussion.

Having said that, I reiterate that the issues discussed here very relevant to me. They concern my life and well being and those of my next generation.

Essentially, my / our survival is at stake.

Hinduism / and India (for you can not divorce Hinduism and India) are under following attacks:

a) Jehadis
b) Christian Evangelists
c) Naxalites

With a) and b), it is very clear that there is no scope for discussion / dialogue. As far as they are concerned, it is a ZERO SUM game. They have little incentive not to wage this war on Hindus today.

Only by hitting back, by taking the war to their camp, by not taking damage ourselves, can we create a strong enough disincentive for them in this war.

And this world / country in todays space / time is a very very networked ecosystem. So, just like a butterfly flapping wings can cause storms half the world away, a few additional seats to Congress / other anti Hindu parties can do this:

a) They again come to power

b) They engage in actions like :
i) Giving Reservations to Muslims
ii) Giving Reservations to Dalit Christians and open floodgates for conversion

c) They create issues like breaking a 7, 000 year old monument - Shree Ram Setu to divert the scare resources / energies of Hindu Social groups in opposing it rather than doing constructive social work.

d) Entice Jehadis and Evangalists to attack Hindus even more.
i) Weak Anti Terror laws
ii) No implementation on ground due to lack of will / implicit support of Evangalists

So, few casual votes can generally push us Hindus closer to our end.

I always wonder that the society that exterminated themselves by their actions (like Ester Islands / Vikings) - did they not know when they cut the last tree (for example) that this will finish them.

I have no intention to share the fate of Vikings / Ester Island - hence this drive for self protection and preservation.

Either we can convert to Islam / Christianity or we can choose to defend our beliefs. The choice is ours.

Not being part of battle is ignoring the futility of the approach. In Kashmir, the Hindus that were systematically raped, killed, abused and thrown out over a 10 year period were fairly integrated with local Muslims.

Just to give one example of the Islamic influence - "Heerath Mubarak" are the wishes for Maha Shiva Ratri. Try telling Diwali Mubarak to a traditional Pandit ji from UP and you will hear a lecture on Mubarak comes from Urdu etc... In Kashmir, it had become a part of Hindu language.

Copying Stuff from this Blog

I do not write for money, I write to spread my ideas. So, please use whatever you find here with two caveats:

a) It is neither ethical nor legal and besides, I do not permit, if you use material from here for COMMERCIAL USE.

b) Please attribute the matter with a link to the blog.

Sending Ideas to me / Contacting Me

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Please leave your comments, good / bad / ugly, preferably intelligent.

Blog and Me

I started writing "स्वांत : सुखाय :" or for my own pleasure with a goal to have a post every day. Seth Godin said that you CAN NOT write a blog for a year and not get transformed. I am very far from writing for a year but as I cross 100 posts today - I am already feeling the same.

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