Friday, 30 July, 2010

Some brotherly love from Muslims for refusing to become a Muslim

Followers of "Religion-of-Peace" in Kashmir give their patented "brotherly love" - that Kaafirs (non Muslims) have been getting for last 1400 years - cut off Sikh boys' hair after he refuses to recite Kalma and become a Muslim.

"Sickular" Media Blanks out, No Jholawallahs, NGOs doing collective breast beating. What is the value of life of a Hindu / Sikh.

Jai Ho !!!

Read the original story from Hindustan Times here.

Sunday, 25 July, 2010

Secularism - Congress style

In the "secular" country called India, religion shall now be used to provide reservations in jobs - Andhra HC strikes down but Govt. persists (

The Ranganath Mishra report wants the reservation benefits which are right now re...served for SCs to be given to Muslims and Christians (

All this By the "educated" Dr. MM Singh. We understand Sonia wants to make India a Catholic country, but why is Dr. Singh behaving like a Jaichand / Meer Jafar.

So, all you educated people, look at the dimpled Rahul Gandhi, and go and vote Congress . And be a participant in destruction of your country / Society and religion.

Jai Ho !!!

Sohrabuddin - defending a traitor Part 3

Sohrabudding Sheikh started his criminal career being the driver of Abdul Lateef.

Abdul Lateef - started his career as a bootlegger, and became an underworld don (courtesy political patronage of the Congress ministers) and Dawood Ibrahim associate - was involved in 1993 bomb blasts.
Abdul Lateef too died in a "Police encounter" after "escaping from custody". 

At that time, Shankar singh Waghela (now a Congress leader), ran the govt. and took credit for the encounter.

Now how is it that the encounter of a Jehadi - that is Sohrabuddin Sheikh become a bad thing ? 

Because if Mr. Narendra Modi does it, you can paint yourself a saviour of Muslims. Look at the ludicrous claims by Congress leaders. 
a) The polarisation in Gujarat assembly elections, helped Congress win a few more assembly seats.

b) Gujarat State Chief of Congress claims that Govt. killed Sohrabuddin to pocket crores of rupees.

And we still vote for Congress for Yuvaraj's charm factor and dimpled looks ??

Jai Ho !!!!!!

Sohrabuddin - defending a traitor Part 2

Sohrabuddin Sheikh was a known Jehadi. He was the driver of Abdul Latif, underworld don and associate of Dawood Ibrahim, involved in the 1993 blasts.  After the "Police Encounter" of Abdul Latif, Congress leader Shankarsingh Waghela claimed credit for the same.

From him were recovered 2 AK 56s, 24 AK 47s and a large cache of RDX. At this time, MP was under Congress rule, so rule out any ideas of arms being planted on him.  He was an associate of Dawood Ibrahim.

After his death, when his body was brought to his village, look at video from 3.26
onwards, there are Allah-o-Akbar chants, firing in air....

If this bastard WAS killed in fake encounter, so what ? So were so many in Kashmir and Punjab. 

And the same Supreme Court that used lousy language against our God, awards his family 10 lakhs. (!.html)

And Congress paints him as martyr to get Muslim votes. There are limits to  which politics should be pushed. National interest is one of them. But not for Congress traitors.

Jai Ho !!!

Sohrabuddin - defending a traitor

Sohrabuddin - the Jehadi terrorist was killed in a "Police Encounter" on November 26, 2005. Such "Police Encounters" are fairly common in India because of impossibility of 
a) Proving a case in the court because of witnesses turning hostile etc.
b) Get the punishment executed like in case of Afzal Guru where Ms. Sheila Dixit, Delhi CM sat over the file for 3 years, claiming that Shivaraj Patil wanted the file to go slow.

Video No. 1 of 6

Video No. 2 of 6

Video No. 3 of 6

Video No. 4 of 6

Video No. 5 of 6

Video No. 6 of 6

I read this comment on a site, which captures the feelings of the citizen of India.
Stop this mockery of justice.

When 10, 000 innocent Sikh were killed in the name of revenge by Congress goons, no one was held responsible, the accused continue to get tickets from Congress.
When Quatarocchi was bailed out no one was held responsible.

When 10, 000 people died in Bhopal gas tragedy no one held responsible for that.

When Inspector MC Sharma - a brave police inspector was killed in a shoot out in Delhi by terrorists, the Congress leaders went and paid money to the terrorists family.

When 100s innocent people were murdered and raped by Communist police in Nandigram West Bengal, no one was held responsible for that.

But when a terrorist from whom 24 AK 47 are seized, who is an associate of Dawood Ibrahim, got killed whole justice system woke up.

Is this the Justice system we rely upon? Worth exploring if the Judges have any other motive in giving biased judgements.

I strongly protest this type of pseudo-secularism and justice system which is solely based on Vote bank policy.

Sunday, 11 July, 2010

Heart Rending letter of a Bengali Hindu - 2010

In the course of my attempt to do something concrete to stem the rape, murder and destruction of the Hindus in Bengal, I was reading when I came across this letter by a Gentleman. It brought tears to my eyes.

Wake up Hindus !!!

We, the native Hindus (Ghotis) of West Bengal are standing on the verge of total extinction, faced with aggression and and subjugation. There is nobody or no organization which can rid us of quasi-colonial rule, the unholy nexus of communists and islamists who are doing everything they can to obliterate our way of life, they taken over our state, turned us into a voiceless minority in our state.

Everyday we live with fear and intimidation, every inch of space is taken over by muslim immigrants from Bihar and Bangladesh. The CPM terror machine and their cadres are either using them as goonda vahini or as their vote banks with instantly made ration cards, They are aming, they looting, they are raping and rampaging in the state.

Do not believe in rosy picture painted by the liberal media. The native Bengali speaking Hindus are obliterated in the state and it is being facilitated by their partners in crime at the central level. We have become a minority in our state with no representation, no voice. Anyone who has any means to flee are doing so. We have to live as second class citizens in our own country, outside our state or outside our country.

These Bengal refugees (the chief patrons of the CPM party is facilitating this ethnic cleansing. My brother was stuck in his school terrified with firebombs being hurled inside, my mother was struck in a car jam which came under attack by the marauding muslim mob who smashed our car, bloodied our driver and kept abusing her while she was inside, even trying to snatch her phone when she was frantically trying to make calls back home. All these things happened during the so called Taslima Nasreen protests, I kept watching the days events with helplessness but with seething anger within.

I saw the SIMI members (Urdu-speaking Bihari Muslims) openly brandishing arms, pistols and choppers with home-made crude bombs as well. They were waiting for the police to fire the first shot. They went ahead and thrashed the journalists of STAR Ananda who were reporting from there. Even after curfew was imposed and the army was called in, they kept their provocation intact while the army was instructed not to shoot.

We lived through a nightmare, the longest night in along long time. My fiancée was molested by some Muslim thugs during Durga Puja in a puja pandal, she slapped one the bastards and then and then had to run for her life. I was'nt present during the incident but thinking of what could have happened gives me sleepless nights. These thugs who come come out on the streets in large numbers are like predators on the street, making the most obscene and lewd comments possible, the more unfortunate women simply become a victim of their worst kind of crime.

Hundreds of cattle are paraded through our streets throughout the day, sometimes cramped up in the more inhumane and barbaric way with the Muslim thugs riding their bikes while brandishing their swords and choppers openly, nobody in our decent neighborhood would dare to confront them.
These are the same goondas along with the official cadres of the Criminal Party of India, who terrorize our lives.

Nobody can think of raising their voices against these criminals or else their beheaded body will be somewhere dumped in a desolate location.

Have you ever seen the dead body of a woman, raped and stripped with a dead toddler in her arms, whose head was smashed, and their dead bodies lying by a desolate railway track? I witnessed this scene while traveling by train, later I heard there some 'minor' skirmishes between two communities resulting in 'minor' tension.

Thats it. That's what we read in a three line article in the fourth page of our local daily (Bengali newspaper).

We simply cannot cope up with aggression any longer, those who are still staying back in this state are seething with anger, helpless anger. Congress has sold out state, Nehru's dislike for Bengali nationalists were well known right from his treatment towards Netaji to this very present day. The blood, honour, sacrifices of our forefathers have gone to waste?

My blood boils to see this happening here, has the RSS lost interest here as well, the state which produced Shyama Prasad Mukherji?

India has forgotten about Khudiram Bose, Prafulla Chaki, Bagha Jatin,Sri Aurobindo Ghosh, have you forgotten Benoy, Badal, Dinesh. or do you remeber Barindra Kumar Ghosh, atulkrishna ghosh, satyen bose, sailen bose, jatin das, surendra nath banerjee or has India turned its back on its own children?

Rash behari bose, chittaranjan das, matangini hazara, these have just names that have confined to the dustbins of history. These communists are spitting on the ashes of our forefathers and trampling on them. They have adopted the same startegy as the british by taking over the most strategically important state in India and by destroying its social fabric, its cultural pride.

We bear the legacy of those prous sons of our soil, The soil of bengal will be fertilized again through our blood and flesh and bones. Netaji was called 'Tojo's Dog', Vivekananda was referred to as a 'hindu extremist'.

We shed tears of blood to see what has happened to our once proud and prosperous state. Is there nobody to stand by us or have have we just become invisible? We have become the Jews of India, a nation of exiles, who are fleeing the state en-masses. What is our crime? Is it so because we were pioneers in the freedom struggle, is it because we were the biggest clog in the wheels of British Imperialism.

Does Bharatvarsh not exist beyond the Hindi belt. Why has the country condemned us to our demise? Are we just meant to ridiculed as BANGALI BABUS by those are enjoying the fruits of freedom for which we have sacrificed with our blood and soul?

I am a Kulin Kayastha (Agnivanshi Kshatriya), Shoukalin Gotra Ghosh. My family has descended from Raja Ranadeb Singh Ghosh. I can trace my family tree directly back to Mohanlal, Siraj -ud-daulah's general in the battle of Plassey.

He was martyred with the last sunset of free India. A battle that we would not have lost without the betrayal of Mir Jaffar. British rule over India would have been a distant dream. I am proud of my heritage, my culture, my heritage.

But I can't sit back and watch the rape of my motherland any longer.I am willing to fight these traitors even in the deepest darkest corners of hell. RSS is the only hope left for us. Help us fight these scumbags and annihilate them from our state and our country. Please do not leave us die a slow death, don't leave your Hindu brothers behind in the state which gave birth to martyrs for their country.

Please help!!!!


Sunday, 4 July, 2010

Is India in a Coma

I got this in a email  forward, so I really do not know the veracity of the event. But it was very disturbing and thought provoking and I would like to put it here.

Is the nation in a coma?
Europeans believe that Indian leaders are too blinded by new wealth and deceit to comprehend that the day will come when the have-nots will hit the streets.

By Mohan Murti

A few days ago I was in a panel discussion on mergers and acquisitions in Frankfurt, Germany, organised by Euroforum and The Handelsblatt, one of the most prestigious newspapers in German-speaking Europe.

The other panelists were senior officials of two of the largest car makers and two top insurance companies — all German multinationals operating in India.

The panel discussion was moderated by a professor from the esteemed European Business School. The hall had an audience that exceeded a hundred well-known European CEO's. I was the only Indian.

After the panel discussion, the floor was open for questions. That was when my “moment of truth” turned into an hour of shame, embarrassment - when the participants fired questions and made remarks on their experiences with the evil of corruption in India.

The awkwardness and humiliation I went through reminded of The Moment of Truth, the popular Anglo-American game. The more questions I answered truthfully, the more the questions get tougher. Tougher here means more embarrassing.

European disquiet

Questions ranged from “Is your nation in a coma?”, the corruption in judiciary, the possible impeachment of a judge, the 2G scam and to the money parked illegally in tax havens.

It is a fact that the problem of corruption in India has assumed enormous and embarrassing proportions in recent years, although it has been with us for decades. The questions and the debate that followed in the panel discussion was indicative of the European disquiet. At the end of the Q&A session, I surmised Europeans perceive India to be at one of those junctures where tripping over the precipice cannot be ruled out.

Let me substantiate this further with what the European media has to say in recent days.

In a popular prime-time television discussion in Germany, the panellist, a member of the German Parliament quoting a blog said: “If all the scams of the last five years are added up, they are likely to rival and exceed the British colonial loot of India of about a trillion dollars.”

Banana Republic

One German business daily which wrote an editorial on India said: “India is becoming a Banana Republic instead of being an economic superpower. To get the cut motion designated out, assurances are made to political allays. Special treatment is promised at the expense of the people. So, Ms Mayawati who is Chief Minister of the most densely inhabited state, is calmed when an intelligence agency probe is scrapped. The multi-million dollars fodder scam by another former chief minister wielding enormous power is put in cold storage. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh chairs over this kind of unparalleled loot.”

An article in a French newspaper titled “Playing the Game, Indian Style” wrote: “Investigations into the shadowy financial deals of the Indian cricket league have revealed a web of transactions across tax havens like Switzerland, the Virgin Islands, Mauritius and Cyprus.” In the same article, the name of one Hassan Ali of Pune is mentioned as operating with his wife a one-billion-dollar illegal Swiss account with “sanction of the Indian regime”.

A third story narrated in the damaging article is that of the former chief minister of Jharkhand, Madhu Koda, who was reported to have funds in various tax havens that were partly used to buy mines in Liberia. “Unfortunately, the Indian public do not know the status of that enquiry,” the article concluded.

“In the nastiest business scam in Indian records (Satyam) the government adroitly covered up the political aspects of the swindle — predominantly involving real estate,” wrote an Austrian newspaper. “If the Indian Prime Minister knows nothing about these scandals, he is ignorant of ground realities and does not deserve to be Prime Minister. If he does, is he a collaborator in crime?”

The Telegraph of the UK reported the 2G scam saying : “Naturally, India's elephantine legal system will ensure culpability, is delayed.”

Blinded by wealth

This seems true. In the European mind, caricature of a typical Indian encompasses qualities of falsification, telling lies, being fraudulent, dishonest, corrupt, arrogant, boastful, speaking loudly and bothering others in public places or, while travelling, swindling when the slightest of opportunity arises and spreading rumours about others. The list is truly incessant.

My father, who is 81 years old, is utterly frustrated, shocked and disgruntled with whatever is happening and said in a recent discussion that our country's motto should truly be Asatyameva Jayete.

Europeans believe that Indian leaders in politics and business are so blissfully blinded by the new, sometimes ill-gotten, wealth and deceit that they are living in defiance, insolence and denial to comprehend that the day will come, sooner than later, when the have-nots would hit the streets.

In a way, it seems to have already started with the monstrous and grotesque acts of the Maoists.

And, when that rot occurs, not one political turncoat will escape being lynched.
The drumbeats for these rebellions are going to get louder and louder as our leaders refuse to listen to the voices of the people. Eventually, it will lead to a revolution that will spill to streets across the whole of India, I fear. Perhaps we are the architects of our own misfortune. It is our sab chalta hai (everything goes) attitude that has allowed people to mislead us with impunity.

No wonder Aesop said. “We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to high office.”

(The author is former Europe Director, CII, and lives in Cologne, Germany).