Monday, 29 December, 2008

Mughalistan - a Muslim corridor from Pakistan to Bangladesh

This well researched article at FACT opened my eyes to immense danger we are coming in from increasing Muslim population. The danger is that of creating a Mughalistan.

The idea is to create a corridor of Muslim dominated contagious areas. Running from Afghanistan / Pakistan till Bangladesh.
(source: FACT article above)

Similar plans were promoted in 1947 as well to link up East and West Pakistan.

They seem so much closer to reality now.

Consider the exponential rise in the number of madrassas in the Terai belt, the India / Nepal border, the rise is totally disproportionate to the Muslim population there.
What is going on ??

If you feel the idea is far fetched, just look at the graph below.
The graph shows INCREASE percentage in the population of Muslims and Non Muslims in number of BORDER districts in West Bengal / Assam and Bihar where Muslim population is significant / in majority.

We should be scared.

And get in action.

Did you attend your Shakha today ?? Did you mention to at least 3 people today about the dangers of Jehadi / Missionary / Leftist / Congress convergence.

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