Saturday, 27 December, 2008

Jehadis SEXUALLY ABUSED hostages in Mumbai hotels

As this article with photographs shows, the Jehadis who seiged the Taj and Trident, sexually humiliated the hostages.

That means, that before murdering the hostages, they were stripped, and their genitals mutilated.

Typical of Jehadi mindset.

Consider the torture of Capt. Saurabh Kalia and and Sqd. Leader Ahuja by the followers of compassionate Islam.

Pakistan is an Islamic nation. Islam is their way of being, their reason of existence. So what they practice IS Islam, there is no scope for error of interpretation.

I just quote the torture report to give an idea.
The Preliminary Death Certificate shown below and issued on 9th June 1999 is self-explanatory. The Pakistani Army Officers and Soldiers, indulged in the most dastardly acts of burning his body with cigarettes, removing his eyes before puncturing them, breaking most of the bones of his battered body and teeth.

Capt. Kalia along with Sq Ldr Ahuja and four others fought the real battle of Kargil unarmed for 22 days undergoing the worst kind of physical torture known in post-war Indian Military History. In a savage and cowardly manner, the Pakistan Army shot them dead ultimately.

I know Islam is THE religion of peace. We have heard it so many times from Shahrukh Khan and Mahesh Bhatt and Javed Akhtar and other left / liberal members of the bleeding hearts club, I truly believe that Hinduism and Buddhism should learn a couple of things about peace and non violence from Islam.

And what about the traitor English Media.

How many mentions of sexual torture by Barkha Dutt or Pranay Roy. Why was this incident that would have really caused public revulsion against Jehadis amongst the liberal Muslims, air brushed from media.

It could not have been national / public interest because such niceties never stopped NDTV and its elk from giving live video of commandoes being air dropped - which led to one of them being killed.

Perhaps there are double standards in Media. If Jehadis kill non Muslims, it really does not matter. After all, it is not Gujarat.

And Hindu blood is worthless.

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