Friday, 18 February, 2011

Muslims must have the ‘first claim’ on resources - Manmohan Singh

On Saturday, 9 Dec 2006, birthday of Sonia Gandhi, the Maharani of India, her loyal family servant, Dr. Manmohan Singh - officially the Prime Minister of India (not Pakistan or Bangladesh) said that Muslims must have the first claim on national resources.

This is a secular country, so a Talibani statement like this needed to be highlighted.

And yet, search Google and you find only the Indian Express version and the IBN Live version. A diluted version of news appearing on The Hindu also comes up.

As a look at the Times of India archives shows, the article exists, but even for a search like "Muslims must have first claim" it does not appear. 

This is a common trend for many articles / news that highlight the negatives of Congress / other traitors. They simply disappear from Google.

For record purposes, the article is being stored here.

This is the Indian Express version.