Tuesday, 2 December, 2008

BJP and Congress

It started with my facebook status changing to

Bharat is going to people's houses to make sure that they throw out the most spineless government in recent Indian history

before the Delhi elections. To which a dear friend of mine commented:

Is it to make sure that Jaswant Singh flies to Afghanistan to return the terrorists to Taliban or to make sure that another terrorist climbs on top of a rath and goes about a countrywide rampage or else to make sure that a super terrorist gets on to a genocide resulting in 10,000 or more deaths ?
We are really running out of options here.

And this one followed:

Bharat - Do not mind dear. This is not personal dear.
I am too shocked by Mumbai and the fact that a bunch of mislead youngsters can hold the entire nation to ransom for 3 days.

And this was my response:

Yaar ****, You are really right.

Not too many options.

I am no fan of BJP now. Modi is too much of a megalomaniac. In the RSS ideology, a person is irrelevant. It is the philosophy, ideology, work that is relevant.
Modi believes that he is bigger than all. This doesn't work.

I still remember exactly where I was and what I was doing at that time when I heard that the NDA government has capitulated and is handing over the terrorists (after
Kandhar hijack). And I hate them for that as well.

And I don't know if you know, the AB Vajpayee government increased the Haj subsidy - so did Modi. After harping over 30 years about Minority appeasement, they do it.

But it is choice of lesser evil. Really.

Under Congress, Christian missionaries and anti national forces get full support from Sonia Maino.

She is a BITCH who hates Hindus and India.

Look, they did not allow a second term for some one like Dr. Kalam.

I could fill a few sheets here but in short, the sins of BJP are of ommission, those of Congress are of commission


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