Saturday, 27 December, 2008

Let Anil Ambani fund Chandrayaan II

Today's news article mentions Anil Ambani gifting a 400 crore yatch to his wife Tina.

I got two points.

Is the money being paid out of the personal reserves of Mr. Anil Ambani or is this a corporate purchase by the ADAG.

I was wondering would it not be a great idea if Mr. Anil Ambani was to fund the Chandrayaan II. Give ISRO 400 crores, no-questions-asked kind of money.

Chandrayaan I was sent at a total cost of Rs. 386 crores. It is an amazing feat of technology and value engineering to be able to do that considering the Japanese built it for ~ 12 times that.

This one action of giving money to ISRO can generate immense positive goodwill - consider what Tata's did at IISc. decades ago.

As Mr. Ambani would be well aware, the general impression of Reliance as a company and Ambani family is that of चोट्टे, (a theif).

Nobody has forgotten attempts to skim moeny from customers by letting meter at Reliance Infocom run while the bell was ringing.

Or price manipulation in stocks.

Or import duty manipulation.

Here is a chance to atone for it.

Your kids will have better bragging rights than a yatch their mother had.

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