Tuesday, 2 December, 2008

Not even a Dog would look at this house

I got this rather late.

And I am shocked and very very angry.

These Communists now have the audacity to openly insult a war hero.

Here are the basics about the issue:

Major Unnikrishnan was a Army man on deputation to NSG. He laid down his life during commando operations in Mumbai.

His body was brought to Bangalore for last rites since that's where he lives with family.

The BJP government of Karnataka made various arrangements to ensure that the family was taken care of. And senior ministers, including the CM, as mark of respect to a national hero, visited his house to offer his condolences.

The left front govt. in Kerela is aligned to the jehadi mentality PDP, run by Mr. Madani.

As the photograph shows, the CPM cabinet had gone to receive Madani, a jehadi terrorist who has plotted and killed so many Indians.

And so it was only natural that leftist traitors did not feel like honoring the major.

When the opposition parties (including Congress, whose Yuvaraj - Rahul Gandhi - was busy partying till 5 am immediately after Mumbai's terrorism attacks while rest of India is cutting out celebration) made an issue out of it, Kerela's CM V S Achutanadan got his cronies to call the martyred Major's father.

The gentleman refused 5 / 6 times since he did not want to be a part of the drama being staged for the benefit of CPM. He told bluntly that since you do not feel for a martyr, that's fine, please do not make a drama out of it.

But the Kerela CM, hailing from CPM, had not learnt to hear no.

So he landed up at the home full of grieving relatives. Un invited.

And sent his sniffer dogs in.

Now these are normal apartments where people like you and me live 1500 sq feet maybe.

You can't, without insulting people, land up inspite being told you are not welcome, and then GET YOUR DOGS to sniff maybe 30 family members there.

So, Major Unnikrishnan's father asked the CM, V S Achutanadan to go back.

And how does 85 year old V S Achutanadan react ??

Watch the video, where he says that not even a Dog would look at this house.

What does that mean VS ?? Tell me V S Achutanadan ? WTF does it mean ?

A small house ? Not your fancy "proletariat" house spread in acres ?

Tell me oh Communist Traitor, whose party has openly supported China during the 1962 war and who took bribe money to create a revolt in the Indian army from the Chinese / Russians POST INDEPENDENCE.

And what is the English Media talking about this ?

Silence. No howls of protest. No breast beating.

No online / sms polls on what should be done to V S Achutanadan. At the end of the day, it is a group of traitors supporting each other:

a) Communists
b) Congress
c) English Media
d) Missionaries
e) Islamic Jehadis

Fight man, fight. Fight right or wrong. The stakes are just too high. It is your and my religion, my country, my children who are at stake.

Cut them out. Boycott.

Economically (I am firing my CA who is a Congress voter).
Socially, ( I told my father-in-law he is not welcome to our house unless he stops voting).

Throw out from jobs, do whatever.

Cut off these buggers.

Cancel subscription to TOI and HT. Write mails to advertisers saying why you are cancelling the subscription (I am setting this up and should have it up and running soon).

Do this so we can live. The war is now on.

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