Wednesday, 28 January, 2009

Dr. Binayak Sen - the Naxalite ideologue

It started with a friend of mine posting an article on his Facebook profile on freeing Dr. Binayak Sen.

This article is published in Outlook - the bible of anti Hindu, anti Indian bleeding hearts.

Accompanying the posting was following comment:
its a shame that someone like him is kept in the jail- if dissent becomes a crime, then its a deathnail for democracy and liberty
This was my comment
Dr. Sen is the ideologue for Naxalites - who are committed to breaking up India by Chinese support.

The next step would be freeing Madani and other ideologues of Islamic Jehad.

I then listed some seizures of the police from Dr. Sen, as obtained from PUCL website. Some seizures from Dr. Sen -
A post-card dated 3.6.2006 written to Dr. Binayak Sen by the CPI (Maoist) leader, Sri Narayan Sanyal - the landmine maker

A Yellow coloured booklet "ON THE UNITY BETWEEN CPI (Peoples' War) AND MAOIST COMMUNIST CENTRE" in Hindi
And then I commented
People's War and MCC are responsible for death of thousands of Indian citizens. You and I don't study them and work on creating unity between them.

If Dr. Sen's goal is to create better health for tribals, why is he messing around with terrorists and killers - incidentally also the murderers of Swami Lakshmananda Saraswati.

Dr. Sen could have been killed. He was'nt. This should show the intention of having an honest trial.

I then quoted from a news website article
Police arrested Sen in Chhattisgarh’s Bilaspur city on May 14 for his links with Maoist ideologue Narayan Sanyal, who is largely credited with making cadres of the Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist) insurgent outfit experts at landmine explosions.
And then I wrote :

Most citizens would call landmine makers as terrorists.

The question to ponder is - why does Dr. Sen get to meet Narayan Sanyal? Why at all? Why don't Naxalite terrorists meet Sangh doctors working in tribal areas - thousands of whom are working in tribal areas without the benefit of powerful left / liberal media publicity engine.

My concern is that online searches are simply not mentioning the terrorism aspect of Dr. Binayak Sen. The total online space is littered with left / liberal non sense about Dr. Sen.


  1. Bharat Sharma,

    I don't understand your reasoning with this blog, Dr Binayak Sen and the team of healthcare workers have worked with the Adivasi people (protected under the constitution of India) for almost three decades, won many awards and gained respect worldwide.

    In the United Kingdom doctors, by law, must attend people with medical needs whether in their home village or in prison and to arbitrarily ignore some prisoners needs and attend to others is against the law, member of political party or not. Dr Binayak Sen is not against anyone in India, whatever their politics, he just wants fairness for all, please help work towards this.

  2. I have tried to build a case based on available seizures.

    There are two naxal terrorist organizations - one called People's War and other called MCC.

    Both the naxal terrorists have killed thousands of Indian citizens and security personnel. They are enemies of the Indian state.

    They are funded and trained by Chinese - and it is their goal to create a red corridor from China to TamilNadu. They already have Nepal.

    Dr. Binayak Sen tried to create unity between these two naxal terrorist organizations.

    Mr. Wilson runs a blog called "Free Dr. Sen" and discloses no information about himself. Rather dubious.

    In this particular case, medical work of Dr. Sen is a sham - intended just to cover true work of a Naxal ideologue - responsible for genocide of thousands of Indian citizens. Surely these citizens also have human rights.

    Dr. Sen was meeting Sanyal - the terrorist Bomb maker in jail. Why ? for medical care ? Is sufficient medical care not available to this terrorist in jail that he needs another terrorist (Dr. Sen) with him.

  3. Bharat Sharma,

    Thank you for your reply!

    If you now check on my blog page you will find some info about myself which will be added to, I have only just registered so give me time.

    You allege Dr Binayak Sen is in with the Naxals, when Dr Sen trained he trained as a Doctor, he adheres to a policy of non-violence (ahimsa) and has tried consistently to bring the Indian government and opposing factions together for dialogue.

    The Government of India has largely admitted failure in healthcare, the document entitled
    *Public health expenditure in India has declined from 1.3% GDP in 1990 to 0.9% GDP in 1999.
    *Lack of integration on sanitation, hygiene, nutrition and drinking water issues.
    Dr Sen and his team were working to try to address these and other health related matters, in doing so this would lessen the trend toward violence not promote it.

    In finishing, there are many other political prisoners in Indian prisons, worryingly journalists and lawyers amongst other civil rights workers.

  4. Your comments are unable to logically connect the dots.

    Public health expenditure as a % of GDP can decline (for example) if the GDP growth is very rapid.

    However the question is not whether Dr. Sen was working with tribals or not, as many evangelist missionaries also do the same.

    The relevant question is why is he hobnobbing with naxal terrorists. This is yet to be answered.