Sunday, 22 February, 2009

Rape As a weapon of Intimidation - Mass Rapes to break the society

Read this article at the New York Times about the brutality of Mass Rape as a weapon in civil war.

As I read the article, tears came to my eyes.

This is what our Hindu sisters and mothers have faced for 1, 000 years of Islamic presence in India.

This is what Hindu women face today in Bangladesh and Pakistan and where ever else we are Kaafirs (non believers).

This is how Hindus have been pushed out of Kashmir. By inflicting murder and rape.

The cost of not converting / not becoming a Muslim is so high. And yet, they persist. And remain Hindu.

Do you realize now, why, Hindu women preferred to commit "jauhar", jump in fire, jump in well, ask their husbands / brothers to kill them, whatever..................


Not allow a Muslim to touch them.

You have to visit Chittor Fort in Rajasthan and see where thousands of Hindu women lit a huge fire and jumped into the fire.

Death before Dishonour.

Death by sword of husband / brother is only once. Death after rape by Muslims was every moment.

What are WE doing for Hindu sisters in Pakistan and Bangladesh and Kashmir ??

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