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Life Long impact of Feeding Colostrum to calves - equally valid for human kids

Feeding colostrum has huge economic impact

Colostrum (also known as beestings or first milk or "immune milk") is a form of milk produced by the mammary glands of mammals in late pregnancy and the few days after giving birth.

All mammals secrete colostrum at time of birth - cows as well as human beings.

In the Indian tradition, colostrum is sacred milk. It is left for the calf, not at all touched / used for human consumption - although it is very much more tastier than plain milk.

So, look at the recent findings in the USA - where the cows are reared for beef / killing.

The findings state: research at the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Meat Animal Center near Clay Center, Neb., shows that calves receiving little or no colostrum were six times more likely to get sick in the first month of life (i.e., scours).

They were also five times more likely to die before weaning and three times more likely to get sick in the feedlot. "Recent studies stress the lifelong impacts of inadequate colostrum," he says.

I also found an article published in Indian Journal of Pediatrics that has documented the beneficial effects of bovine colostrum (cow colostrum) if human beings consume it (essentially where the human mother was unable to generate sufficient quantities).

This is also equally valid for human babies and human colostrum.

So, it is amazing so many of the "modern" birthing hospitals in India now THROW AWAY the colostrum.

You would think it is crazy. And sad.

But it is true.

I know someone personally whose wife underwent delivery in one of the five star hospitals in an Indian metro. And where they threw away the colostrum.

And this guy thought they were so so modern - "Bharat ji they did not even allow the child to drink the first milk". He was very impressed.

This is what you get when traditional values are looked down upon. And ridiculed.

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