Saturday, 14 February, 2009

Pink Condom Campaign

After Muthalik's Shree Ram Sene vandalised pubs in Mangalore, I had mentioned in an earlier post, that this will be an opportunity for the anti Hindu types to go ballistic and attack everything Hindu.

So, the left / liberal / Hindu baitors started a campaign of Pub Going, Loose, Forward Women. And then they started a Pink Chaddi campaign and used a morphed photograph of RSS volunteers.

As I mentioned in earlier post, I raised the issue (and so did many others) and the offending photograph was removed.

Many of the practising Hindus were upset that entire organisations like RSS were being defamed for no fault of theirs. Also acts of a few "misguided youth" were being used to demonise, demean and humiliate entire Hindu society.

Few like minded people (who felt what I mentioned above) have started the Pink Condom campaign. The idea is to send a Pink condom to the campaigners of Pink Chaddi who posted Mr. Muthalik's address.

The link is at

What follows is the list of people (and their numbers) who ran a Pink Chaddi campagin to insult and malign RSS. Please call them and tell them, politely off course, that you did not like them using a morphed RSS image. Keep calling until they say sorry and publish written apology.

I am exploring with a few legal friends to sue all of these individuals for libel / defamation since they tried to accuse and malign RSS for a crime that RSS was not involved in.

Please make sure that the tone of phone call is kept polite. Also let us make sure that the time of call is kept civil. It should only be between 8 am and say 9 pm.

Perhaps some people could take turns to ensure that no one is calling at say 2 am in morning so that the idea is reinforced. Others might call at 11 am to make sure that the Pink Chaddi campaigners do not miss it.

And please send your unused condoms to the addresses given below. Please DO NOT send used condoms.

I know some people paint the numbers of people they want to harrass in Railway toilets and public toilets. PLEASE do not do this. Let us keep it very civil.

Also people can send SMS to the list of people below. There is no need to spend money for these anti Hindus. Simply go to the following websites which allow you to send SMS for FREE.

There are many others but this one delivers the message for sure.

The text should be with in 80 characters. I am posting a suggested matter:

We are hurt by ur use of morphed RSS image. Pls tender written apology for same

Let us use Gandhigiri. I want to use crowd sourcing on this. Please spread the message to many people.

Our goal should be to make sure each of the Pink Chaddi campaigners gets at least 1, 000 SMS every day. And may be around 300 - 500 phone calls per day.

People to call and SMS:

Nisha (9811893733)
Divya (9845535406)
Padma (99400 25231)
Jeny (9840398852)
Ratna (9899422513)
Vivek (9845591798)
Aniruddh (98840 17695)
Benson (9845167575)
Areeba (9900569456)
Samir Gandhi (9246282223)
Kaushik (9703508756)
Nithin (9886081269)


Nisha Susan
C/o Tehelka
M76, M-Block Market
Greater Kailash 2

C-Wing, Lake Pleasant
Phase-2, Lake Homes
(Hand it over to the security guards in Mumbai)

Shalini M
Beaumonde Apts
Appasaheb Marathe marg
Near Chaitanya , opp Tata Motors
halfway between siddhivinayak/century mills
Prabhadevi – 400025

The Shakti Center/ Corporate Accountability Desk,
No: 42 A, I
floor,5 Avenue,
Besant Nagar,
Chennai - 600090

Show them the power of gentle persuasion by sending (un) used Pink Condoms. Let us spread the love.

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