Sunday, 25 October, 2009

Intellectual Subversion / Terrorism - Talk by Dr. Radha Rajan

Dr. Mrs. Radha Rajan, the Editor, VIGIL ONLINE and Joint Secretary VIGIL, Chennai, in a Seminar on 'National Security' held on the occasion of Shri Guruji Centenary Celebration.

Dr. Mrs. Radha Rajan, was called upon to speak on INTELLECTUAL TERRORISM, the topic that she preferred to modify as, "INTELLECTUAL SUBVERSION", since she believed the earlier one to be an important Dimension of the latter.

Dr. Radha Rajan is from Vigil Publications. They run a website called

Vigil has brought out an excellent book exposing the leftist/liberal traitors who run NGOs.

The book is available online for reading at NGOs Activists and Foreign Funds . I strongly suggest that you purchase a copy and help support their excellent work.

Listen to her excellent talk on Intellectual Terrorism unleashed by the left / liberal traitors.

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