Friday, 12 February, 2010

How Hindustan Times steals - typical Congress culture behaviour

The culture of Congress is of stealing. Thievery, cheating, lying, looting are behaviors endemic to Congress culture. I am sure there would be exceptions, but they merely define the rule.

What the Gandhi family does on a larger scale to the country, its cronies like Hindustan Times do the common citizens.

Mridula Dwivedi is an IIT Kanpur graduate. She write a blog by name of Go Nomad. It is very pictorial kind of travel blog. She had published a picture on her blog as under:


The same was picked by Hindustan Times and used in Brunch, without giving any credit to Mridula.
Please click here to read the entire chain of dialogue between Hindustan Times and Mridula. Three weeks of chasing before they publish a small font "regret".

 And loud mouth, self obsessed Vir Sanghavi wrote, "Vir answers: It's really a legal issue between you and the Hindustan Times and it would not be proper for me to get involved."

But seriously, what do you expect from Hindustan Times and Times of India who have turned themselves as pimps by publishing prostitution advertisements (massage parlors etc.).

Listed below are other incidents of content been stolen from bloggers by Hindustan Times.

Other cases of Hindustan Times Plagiarism of Blogger Pictures.

Supersam's photo in Hindustan Times without his permission.

Another of Saad's pictures in Hindustan Times without his permission.

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