Saturday, 26 June, 2010

राहुल बाबा आप महान हो

Shree Shree "Rahul" Gandhi urf Raul Maino urf Raul Baba.

The shining light of dynasty. The only guaranteed Bharat Ratna.

Prince Charming, with dimpled cheeks, and white skin (without using Fair n' Lovely). The heart throb of millions of Girls.

The deliverer of India to 22 nd century (his illustrious father took us to the 21st century).

Development Economics degree from Cambridge (or was that some other degree, even Raul Baba mixed up in election affidavit).

The seller of inexperienced dream, the perfect deja vu of Rajiv Gandhi's innocent charm.

THE Rahul Gandhi

The devoted party animal. Partying till 5 am on 26/11 Mumbai. 

The software czar. His companies enjoy bigger monopolies than Don Vito Corleone and Microsoft combined. They get software contracts from all Congress governments.

The sorcerer. Who gets credit for Congress in UP. But no blame for loss in Gujarat.

The Dalit lover. Connoisseur of food cooked by chefs, served photogenically in Dalit houses.

The Austerity King.Traveling for photo op in normal A/C chair car while seats were blocked in Executive Class. 

The Polymath. Leonardo Di Vinchi incarnate himself. George Bush wannabe. Knowing all, but mixing it up, including which degree he studied at Cambridge.

The sportsman. Entering St. Stephen's on a sports quota.

The secular Guy. Entering St. Stephen's on a sports quota when Christian quota would have got him in.

The omnipresent. The One.

The definition of THE.

Due of current (we do not know if it is still on) austerity drive, Rahul Baba has made significant adjustments to his lifestyle.

While Kalawati wears silver anklets, Rahul Baba's austerity drive means only low cost Nike Jordan Collezione shoes.

Look the bright clothes of Kalawati. Rahul Baba wears simple austere FabIndia kurtas. And a cheap plastic tub instead of metallic ones that Kalawati carries.

जहाँपनाह , तुस्सी ग्रेट हो .

राहुल बाबा आप महान हो,
आप पुरुष ही नहीं हो......

महा पुरुष हो......................

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