Sunday, 25 July, 2010

Sohrabuddin - defending a traitor

Sohrabuddin - the Jehadi terrorist was killed in a "Police Encounter" on November 26, 2005. Such "Police Encounters" are fairly common in India because of impossibility of 
a) Proving a case in the court because of witnesses turning hostile etc.
b) Get the punishment executed like in case of Afzal Guru where Ms. Sheila Dixit, Delhi CM sat over the file for 3 years, claiming that Shivaraj Patil wanted the file to go slow.

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I read this comment on a site, which captures the feelings of the citizen of India.
Stop this mockery of justice.

When 10, 000 innocent Sikh were killed in the name of revenge by Congress goons, no one was held responsible, the accused continue to get tickets from Congress.
When Quatarocchi was bailed out no one was held responsible.

When 10, 000 people died in Bhopal gas tragedy no one held responsible for that.

When Inspector MC Sharma - a brave police inspector was killed in a shoot out in Delhi by terrorists, the Congress leaders went and paid money to the terrorists family.

When 100s innocent people were murdered and raped by Communist police in Nandigram West Bengal, no one was held responsible for that.

But when a terrorist from whom 24 AK 47 are seized, who is an associate of Dawood Ibrahim, got killed whole justice system woke up.

Is this the Justice system we rely upon? Worth exploring if the Judges have any other motive in giving biased judgements.

I strongly protest this type of pseudo-secularism and justice system which is solely based on Vote bank policy.

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