Sunday, 25 July, 2010

Sohrabuddin - defending a traitor Part 3

Sohrabudding Sheikh started his criminal career being the driver of Abdul Lateef.

Abdul Lateef - started his career as a bootlegger, and became an underworld don (courtesy political patronage of the Congress ministers) and Dawood Ibrahim associate - was involved in 1993 bomb blasts.
Abdul Lateef too died in a "Police encounter" after "escaping from custody". 

At that time, Shankar singh Waghela (now a Congress leader), ran the govt. and took credit for the encounter.

Now how is it that the encounter of a Jehadi - that is Sohrabuddin Sheikh become a bad thing ? 

Because if Mr. Narendra Modi does it, you can paint yourself a saviour of Muslims. Look at the ludicrous claims by Congress leaders. 
a) The polarisation in Gujarat assembly elections, helped Congress win a few more assembly seats.

b) Gujarat State Chief of Congress claims that Govt. killed Sohrabuddin to pocket crores of rupees.

And we still vote for Congress for Yuvaraj's charm factor and dimpled looks ??

Jai Ho !!!!!!

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