Sunday, 29 August, 2010

Assam blast and the dumbing down of Mainstream media

There were bomb blasts in Assam in Oct 2008 - like many other caused by Jehadis and I would like to use this post to make a related point.

The dumbing down of mainstream media.

A few weeks ago, there were wide spread riots in which illegal Muslim settlers from Bangladesh attached Hindus, and killed 56 of them.

There were reports of Pakistani flag being hoisted:

And of course the Congress government denied all this.
And the “Secular” media conveniently ignored the news. The bomb blasts were waiting to happen.

The Hindu victims of riots are still living in refugee camps. But media has other incidents to highlight – like antics of Payal Rohtagi and Rahul Mahajan.
Of course there is no breast thumping, no NHRC visits, no visits by Sonia Maino.
Because the dead are Hindu.
Is the Times of India and Hindustan Times been reduced to tabloids only.

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