Thursday, 27 November, 2008

Social Boycott

I propose that we take up a social boycott of anyone and everyone related to Congress.

We will not invite them to our functions and will not talk to them. Let us cut traitors who vote for Congress, out of our lives.

I am starting with my father in law. Either he does not vote these elections (he is a hardcore Congress voter) or I stop dealing with him.

Give your loved ones a clear choice - Congress traitors or YOU.

Remember this is the party:

a) That gave an affidavit in the Supreme Court stating that Lord Ram did not exist
b) Then gave another affidavit stating that the bridge was built by Lord Ram but broken by him when he came back.
c) Hired a ship called "Hanuman" to break the Setu.
d) Started Bull Shitting about Hindu Terror

देश बहुत शर्मिंदा है,
अफज़ल अब भी जिन्दा है।

I will not be surprised if suddenly, one fine day you find thethe Congress rubber stamp president, Mrs. Patil has signed the death warrant for Afzal.

Congress is realizing that the people are sick and tired to seeing Hindus get killed.

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