Friday, 28 November, 2008

Why Not Nuke Pakistan's cities - Karachi / Lahore / Islamabad

I was reading this article from Times of India, where in they mention that the senior police officers like Mr. Karkare, Mr. Salaskar and Mr. Kamat were targetted and shot dead in minutes after their arrival.

Off course all the major newspapers who were crying hoarse over Hindu terror, now can not mention "Islamic Terror" even once.

And you guys, please do not mention the "Islamic terror" word even once else our "Let-me-ask-Madam-should-I-piss-on-right-or-left" MM Singh will not be able to sleep at night (like he lost sleep over the terrorist caught in Australia).

Why should'nt our nuclear weapons be used to launch a wipe all, rapid, nuclear strike against Pakistani cities.

Wipe out the bastards.

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