Friday, 26 December, 2008

NGO receiving money

Times of India, has a news article which mentions a whopping 56% increase in NGO money recieved from abroad.

The money amounts are large - we are talking about 12, 000 crores + amounts. That is nearly Rs. 40 crores per working day.

Goes without saying, most of it is for Christian missionaries. Add to it the money given in grants by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment as well as Ministry of Tribal affairs, which is another Rs. 10, 000 crores per annum.

It goes without saying that the almost entire grants are being given to NGOs being run by Christian missionaries.

This is what having Sonia Maino does to our country.

We are talking about ~ Rs. 80 crores of money going to Christian missionaries to convert Hindus on a DAILY BASIS.

And these numbers have HUGELY grown over last 3-4 years since UPA government came to power.

Go, still vote for Congress..

And be ready for a Cross around your child's neck.

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  1. rastaa toh sujhaao bhai (with your SHARP brain)....simply shunting out congress is not enough...nor simply bringing BJP in would create miracles......SAAAALID PLAN KI BAAAT HO TOH LOGON KO RASTAA DIKHEGA JIS PE WOH CHAL SAKEIN.....