Friday, 26 December, 2008

Hindu refugees from Pakistan, Sonia Maino refuses help

Yesterday's article in DNA mentions hundreds of Pakistani Hindus who are hiding in Punjab and Haryana.

They had to flee Pakistan in 2006 after they could no longer take abductions and rape of their women, constant tortures and like.
Om Parkash, who used to run a small shop near Peshawar, said in the past few years many Hindus had been killed by criminals for ransom or for not converting to Islam.
So, one would imagine that they would get official help.


When an Italian Christian maid (au pair) like Sonia Maino (also known as Sonia Gandhi) can be given Indian citizenship, when 6, 00, 00, 000 (60 million or 6 crore) Bangladeshi Muslims are living in India and providing a breeding ground for criminals, terrorists and Jehadis, why are these Hindus not given Indian citizenship - those are very keen for the same.

Guess ??
Official sources said the problem had been brought to the notice of the Union home ministry. “If we give them Indian citizenship, our relation with Pakistan may be affected. That is why their cases have been pending for so long,” the sources said.

Go vote for Congress again.

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