Monday, 26 January, 2009

Dr. Kalam - We miss you

I saw the Republic Day parade with my daughter today - I wanted her to get the thrill and excitement that we as kids had.

Few points, first Tata Sky's online guide for DD got it all wrong. Even at the time of the parade, it dispalyed perhaps the weekly time table - Urdu news at 10.00 and like which not what was online. It would take a moron not to realise 26th January is different.

Secondly, as I watched Mrs. Patil - our current president and murder accused by many - carry out mechanically the chore of awarding gallantary awards to the wifes / mothers of the valiant brave soldiers who laid down their lives for the country - I felt that she was being soul less / mechanical.

एक और काम है, निपटाओ

The standard pat on the shoulder, letting women as old as her - Major Unnikrishnan's mother touch her feet. I mean why ??

Where are you Dr. Kalam. Sonia's government wanted a loyal family retainer - which Dr. Kalam was not. So they got Mrs. Patil.

Pity no, how the top most position of the country is decided.

And why was the English / other media silent. A two term for the presidents' is generally a given thing. Why not for Dr. Kalam ?

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