Saturday, 24 January, 2009

Are You In ?? Starbucks provides an incentive to volunteer

I am a big fan of ethical copying.

Legal copies of off patent medicines - the "generics" ensure that poorer patients in not-so-rich countries can live longer.

So, it is my call for us to copy something that is amazing in the USA.

The vast spread of volunteer service.

And the effortless involvement of corporates in the same.

Consider the 5 hour pledge that Starbucks is supporting.

As their write up says :
What if you volunteered five hours?

What if we all did?

That small commitment could add up to something big. Starbucks and Hands On Network are supporting the President's call for national service.......

The idea is that if you pledge 5 hours of community service, Starbucks is offering a free coffee.
At the time of writing, about 800, 000 hours have been pledged.

And it works on honour system.

Consider the advertisement that Starbucks created with MC Yogi (a rapper). Cheesy lyrics - but the visual is appealing.

How could we copy it in India.

Could - say - Bharat Vikas Parishad or Sewa Bharati or Vanwasi Kalyan Ashram tie up with Cafe Coffee Day. Might seem sacrilegious but why not. How many youngsters know about these organisations and the work they are doing ?

And get Prasoon Joshi to write the lyrics, AR Rahman to compose music and Kailash Kher or someone to sing.


Let's do it.

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