Monday, 11 May, 2009

The more things change - the more they remain same

Today's blog post is a mail that I sent to my various friends in 1999 - ten years ago. I was cleaning / closing my yahoo account and that's when I found it.

Every thing remains the same, actually has become worse for Hindus.

The context of the email is that there was alleged rape of nuns in Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh. With in hours, the entire English Media - Star TV et al, print media etc. was buzzing with rape news. As is usual, RSS / Vishwa Hindu Parishad / Bajrang Dal / Hindu saints were accused. Kids studying in Christian schools were made to parade holding anti Rape slogans.

MP was then ruled by Digvijay Singh, family retainer of the Queen / Rajmaata Sonia Maino, the beef eating / cow killing Catholic.

The end was rather tame and actually anti climax. It was found that:
a) Nuns were habitual of sexual intercourse
b) All the accused were Congress men
c) 6 out of 12 accused were Christian
d) There was a land dispute relating to church property which was at core.

And then silence. No apologies to the nationalist organisations. Sickular media / politicians simply moved on. Slander goes with out being punished in India.
I reproduce the mail in toto..................

Dear Friends,
Over last few months, you must have read in the (predominantly) English media that churches are being attacked and priests being killed in various parts of India. Inadvertently, as is fashionable, the media is blaming R.S.S. and "various elements of the Sangh parivar". The media is being so irresponsible that they are blaming R.S.S., the only nationalist organisation in India today, without even ascertaining the facts. In the case of Jhabua rape case, few nun were raped. The entire media, (lead by STAR TV and BBC) pinned the blame on R.S.S. and "various elements of the Sangh parivar". There were protest marches organised by missionary and other "secular" organisations (ever wonder why all anti-Hindu activities are secular ?). The missionary run schools were closed for a day and tiny tots were made to carry anti-rape placards (interesting education !!). This incident occurred in Madhya Pradesh, a state ruled by Congress (I) which is the protector of all minorities, which is run by a Christian (Sonia Gandhi), and has maximum number of people-hugely disproportionate to the percentage of Christian population in India-in its decision making body (Vincent George, A.K.Antony, Ajit Jogi… a long list). However, when the culprits were caught, it was found that they were Christians. Amazingly, this news was blanked out by most media. Not a single newspaper apologised to the R.S.S. for the lies hurled at a reputed organisation.

However, there are double standards in practice. While a huge hue and cry is made when even a single "minority" preacher (engaged in illegal and forcible conver-sions) is killed, no tears are shed for the Hindus being killed by Christians/Muslims. Vanvaasi Kalyan Ashram (VKA) is a social organisation engaged in serving the tri-bals. However the difference is that unlike Christian missionaries, VKA is teaching the Indian ethos and values to the tribal children. Obviously missionaries, are not happy at the growth of this organisation. So what do they do ?? They simply kill the VKA activists. Last month five workers of VKA who were involved in teaching the tribals were abducted in Tripura by the Church supported Tripura National Volunteers. It is feared that they have been killed. But what is the reaction of the media? Except for some coverage by the vernacular media like Jaagran, Dainik Bhaskar etc., the news has been blanked. Apparently, the Times of India and similar newspapers do not think that life of a Hindu is important.
{Comment : The 5 RSS pracharaks were found to have been tortured and killed by Christian TNV. TNV's head has been a guest of MM Singh government during Sonia Maino regime}

This might seem gross to us Hindus because we preach and practise non-violence. However both Christianity and Islam have grown through the sword. In Goa, until the Portugese were evicted in 1961, it was common for the Christian missionaries to burn Hindus alive. It is well known that the Spanish missionaries finished every person of the Inca civilisation who had refused to become Christian. All this is well recorded in history and not just by Hindu/Inca people but by missionaries them-selves. But please note the language adopted by, both The Times of India and its copy-cat competitor-The Hindustan Times. They say …"alleged" (quotation marks mine not of the newspaper) atrocities committed on Hindus during Inquisition when those atrocities-burning on a stake for example-are well recorded. The entire effort is to paint Hindus as the intolerant community.   

The Vatican has vowed to ensure that 50% of Asian population becomes Christian by 2005. Ever wondered why so much action is occurring in Orrisa ? The Church has vowed to win Orrisa for the Church by 2001, as reported by the magazine Sunday, an Anand Bazar publication. Should you be of a kind who went to missionary schools/colleges and are more prone to disbelieve facts, you may verify this from CBCI (the central board of churches of India). Fortunately for us, the nationalist forces are not dead (or we all would be wearing crosses by now).

What we can do?
To start with, we can become informed citizens.
It is our right to be informed and take informed decisions. Write to the newspapers and ask why they are writing "…alleged" atrocities when the atrocities are well re-corded.

Be aware.
The Congress-I, under its Christian leader, Sonia Gandhi, intends to bring a bill which will grant SC reservations to Harijans who converted to Christianity.
{Comment, that was circa 1999, in 2009, Congress has already got a Judge Ranganath Mishra to write a report recommending what it always intended to implement - reservation for Dalit Christians to open floodgates for Christianity in India.
The obvious objective is to ensure that the conversions increase manifold. Irrespective of which party you vote for, if you are a Hindu and want your children to remain Hindu, it is important to oppose this bill. Write to your Member of Parliament opposing this bill. If they get large enough letters, they are bound to oppose it too.

Boycott all institutions which are run by missionaries or support the missionaries-the Times of India group for example. I used to bank with the Times Bank, but I have switched to ICICI bank now. Remember there is a great power in boycott - if 1 lakh families decide to stop reading Times of India and stop banking with the Times Bank and stop using the Times Card, then Bennet and Coleman Company will be dead.  Start by changing your newspaper to a nationalist newspaper.
{Comment: Times Bank was merged with HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank does not have great service and there are many other banking options today}

Remember, if we want our children to remain Hindu, it is time to act. 

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