Sunday, 3 May, 2009

Why you should NOT eat Red Meat - Mammal meat

I was reading an article at the New York Times which talks about a detailed 10 year long study on health of more than 500, 000 Americans.

"Meat consumption has more than doubled in the United States in the last 50 years. Now a new study of more than 500,000 Americans has provided the best evidence yet that our affinity for red meat has exacted a hefty price on our health and limited our longevity.

The increase in mortality risk tied to the higher levels of meat consumption was described as “modest,” ranging from about 20 percent to nearly 40 percent। But the number of excess deaths that could be attributed to high meat consumption is quite large given the size of the American population."

And yet the Christian and Muslim vote bank makes Congress and other anti Hindu parties support cow slaughter and increasing capacities of beef export from India.

Damn the Hindus, attack everything that Hindus care for, kill every cow.

Veer Sanghavi and other food writers - in particular Brunch and its Times of India counterpart promote beef dishes - to dehumanize the cow slaughter.

Go to Kolkatta - still under the wicked communists and with 30% Muslim population courtesy Bangladeshi terrorists who are given voter IDs by Congress / Communist regimes - and you will see scenes like this on the road on Eid day. In a bid to show Hindus, how much they hate us, Muslims slaughter cows openly on road.

Throw out the Congress and other anti Hindu parties.

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