Monday, 21 December, 2009

Let Us Remember- The Day when Islamic Jihadis Killed Hindus in Kashmir

I got this as email from a friend in Panun Kashmir, the group working to get Kahsmiri Hindus their homeland

This is a fight of every Hindu, not just Kashmiri Hindus. The Congress / National Conference / PDP regime is no different than that of Aurangzeb - where Hindus are publicly killed and raped.

If you would like to contribute to this cause in any way (time / effort / money / mobilization / media), please mail me at and I shall forward to the relevant people at Panun Kashmir.

At Chinamaya Mission,Lodhi Road,New Delhi

This year’s Homeland Day is one more occasion for profound remembrance and understanding.

We have to remember the fateful events which led to our exile. We have to understand the nature of the forces which unleashed these events.
We have to remember that last more than 700 years have been a continuous struggle for survival. We have to understand the spirit of our struggle was always to withstand and not give into the forces of exclusion and intolerance.

We have to remember that Tika Lal Taploo, Sarla Bhat, Satish Tickoo, Prem Nath Bhat and hundreds of our brothers and sisters fell to the bullets of Islamist terrorists.

We have to understand that these terrorists did not represent a minority fringe of the social milieu in Kashmir. These terrorists were an expression of the tidal wave of communalism which has engulfed the society in the Valley.

We have to remember everybody who died of heat strokes, snake bites, diseases and destitution in exile. We have to understand that each amongst these died while in struggle, while erecting a tent, while demonstrating on the streets for their rights, while feeding the family against all odds, while staking everything for the education of the children.

We have to remember each protest, each rally, each slogan of ours against apathy, exclusion and discrimination. We have to understand that everything we did to sustain and survive has not gone in vain. We have succeeded in creating a dignity in our community life if not prosperity. We have succeeded in giving education to our child if not riches. We have built temples in exile for our deities, gurus and rishis. We have kept Kashmir alive in us.

We have to remember our temples, localities, streets and homes in Kashmir and what has happened to them. We have to understand why they were usurped, grabbed, plundered or burnt.

We have to remember our compulsion, destitution, and distress when we chose to sell our house or a part of our property in the Valley. We have to understand the mindset of the broker who came from Kashmir to offer a throw away price for what we owned. We have to understand the mind of the person who broke into our house to live there, who usurped our land and orchard or who purchased our home.

We have to remember each compromise our government and leaders made with Muslim fundamentalism in the state. We have to understand the reasons as to why they did so.

We have to remember each evil done to us. We have to understand self pity, self negation and self-flagellation constitute a bigger evil.

We have to remember that those who control Kashmir still hold the view that we are Kafirs (Infidels), Mukhbirs (spys), or fifth columnists. We have to understand the smile which they throw at us now, the hug which they seek with us, the terms on which they beseech our return to Valley.

We have to remember Margdarshan resolution envisaging the return of Kashmiri Hindus to Valley in an area North and East of river Jhelum with a Union Territory Status.

We have to understand Panun Kashmir is a movement for reclaiming our Homeland. It is the vision of our survival and not merely a slogan. It is the way for our emancipation.

Jai Panun Kashmir-JaiBharat

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