Sunday, 31 January, 2010

Environment is the new mainstream cool, changing social trend

Saw a Nokia TV Advt. promoting mobile recycling and an Aircel CSR advt. promoting "Save the Tiger".

I believe the environment has become acceptable, mainstream "in" or "cool" thing in urban, SEC A+ India as well, and is no longer only activist stuff.

It is not fashionable to claim today that you know Mr. Sudheendra Kulkarni, but during the campaign, I had suggested number of times that the youth in India ARE looking for environmental stewardship and our site should reflect it, more so since the RSS ethos have always been "Respect Nature, Be eco friendly, Use less". In fact I had suggested microsite for BJP and environment.

Environment HAS become a local political issue in Goa. Hopefully this year, we shall see more of it in state elections. Good for India.

Certainly better than the divisive Marathi / non Marathi game Congress is playing by supporting MNS / Raj Thackrey to cut into SS / BJP base.

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