Saturday, 4 September, 2010

One Country - Two Sets of Rules - 1

One Country Two Set of Rules
India sends $ 25 million Aid to Pakistan - through UN as demanded by Pakis - which will be utilized to kill even more Kaafirs (non Muslims) in India.

Just a few km away from the Rashtrapati Bhawan, 3 camps of Kashmiri Pandits continue to run in tents for FOURTEEN years. As of date there are 100, 000 Kashmiri Pandits living as refugees in their own country. Sri Sri raises this point in this video.

But, as our respected Dr. MM Singh explains in the perfect definition of Congressi secularism,

"Muslims must have the first claim on nation's resources"

Surely, in India, the biggest crime is of being a Hindu.
So, the Congress govt. buys toilet rolls for Rs. 4200 per roll while spending 30, 000 crores on CWG. Kashmiri Pandits are mad dogs meant to be killed. They deserve no budget.

Jai Ho !!!!

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