Monday, 22 December, 2008

The new Dalits - Brahmins

As a policy, I do not mention believe in caste.

This majorly stems from a deeply held belief by many in RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) that caste dilutes the Hindu identity. Many old timers at Sangh dropped using surnames / family names all together to drop the caste identity.

What has been happening for quite some time is attack on all the institutions related to Hinduism. This attack is by four pillars -

a) the Missionaries
b) the Marxists
c) the Macaulay's children (born-to-Hindu-parents-educated-in-convent-rootless buggers)
d) the Islamic Jehadists

The instruments of attack are ridicule of Hindu traditions and beliefs by media, incorrect representations (consider demonising of the RSS - just to put things in perspective - see RSS march past in 1963 during the Republic Day parade - specially invited by Nehru to acknowledge RSS role in national defense during and post 1962 China war).

One of similar BS (Bull S**t) spread out by English media is that Brahmins are the oppressors of Dalits. Brahmins are supposed to be rich, landlords who have Dalit servants.

Consider this - a priest in a Tamil Nadu temple get Rs. 3, 600 per YEAR (yes NOT monthly but YEARLY). While the Congress govt. hands doles for Haj, and salaries to Imams and strips the temples of the collections they recieve.

Please see this documentary brought out by the FACT foundation to get a reality touch.

It will shock you. It did shock me.

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